Overcome the 3 biggest hurdles to launching projects.

  • Mental & Emotional Blocks

    Insecurity, fear of vulnerability and comparison can kill your creativity. Learn to identify and overcome these ways of thinking.

  • Structure To Create

    Getting inspired is easy but doing the creative work is hard. We will get practical and help you build creative grit and discipline.

  • Defining Success

    Stop reaching for goals that won't actually make you happy. Learn how to define success in a way that fuels your creativity.

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About The Course

Who should take this course?

If you've had a great idea for more than 2 months and haven't made any progress on it yet...this is for you.

  • Creatives with a specific project to launch.

  • People good at starting things but terrible at finishing them.

  • Anyone launching a huge project for the first time.

  • Dreamers that are tired of just having ideas.

Same Course, Different Levels of Help

If you need phone calls and personal coaching to stay on track.

Course Instructor

Creative Coach

John-Mark Dyer

John-Mark has created short films, children books, clothing lines, websites, podcasts, short stories, teaching curriculums, brand campaigns, magazines and installation art. He coaches a team of creatives and would love to help you launch your idea.


  • What is the difference in courses?

    The teaching material and worksheets are the same. But with the coaching course you get a 20–30 minute phone call once a week for 6 weeks to keep you on track. We can talk through the teaching material or get into the practicals of your project.

  • How long can I access the material?

    The content is yours forever.

  • What is the time commitment?

    The teaching material and worksheets can be completed in a couple hours. However, it's the application that counts! This course is designed to be a reference over the course of a month as you take your project from stage 0 to 1.

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